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MDJ vs Teqneek MDJ vs Teqneek

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hmmm . . . so many ways to judge this battle. First of great job by both MCs for bringing it in a blind 32 battle. That being said my vote goes to Teqneek, and here's why/

I am a product of HDC. I've learned much from constructive criticism from the group and for that I am truly grateful. However, I've also learned that this group is a product of those who lead it, and that those in charge don't always practice what they preach.

I've been in a handful if comps and battles through the medium of HDC and through my wins and losses I've concluded this; swagger and delivery holds higher importance than creative lyricism.

That being said, Mark, keeping with the tradition that you have set forth, encouraged, and grown, this battle goes to Teqneek.

Mark did have more direct and specifically derived personals. He met very aspect of what this battle was designed to be and he was a lyrical assassin on the mic. He obviously has the talent and the fortitude to hang with any MC in the game.

However, in keeping with the tradition of how voting goes for comps in this community (most judges recruited/influenced/magically created by Mark) I'm casting my official vote for Teqneek.

Teq has a unique style, and even though he wasn't as direct with his punches, his ingenious way of tying together multis, implementing extreme yet relevant metaphors, and having more swag than a rookie pot dealer, takes him over the top in the competition.

Teqneek ftw. Final Answer.

(1) BCT vs (8) MC BoB (1) BCT vs (8) MC BoB

Rated 5 / 5 stars

BCT ftw. MC bob did alright but I think he could have had some more intensity.

(5) J Step vs (4) Eye Cue (5) J Step vs (4) Eye Cue

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very smooth delivery from both MCs. First verse was difficult to hear but I got it eventually. Gotta give it to Eye Cue though. His punches were better IMO.